Crime fiction is one of those genres you wouldn’t expect to get “all the feels” while reading, but when it happens it really makes the story even more enjoyable. From sad cases to emotionally turbulent endings, grab your tissues—because these are the crime fiction books and books with crime fiction elements that will give you the best book hangovers!

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We Begin at the End by Chris Whittaker 

Duchess Day Radley is a thirteen-year-old who acts in a parental role to her young brother and mess of a mother, Star. Walk is the police chief of the small California town where he and Star grew up. After Walk and Star’s friend Vincent is released from prison after thirty years, the whole town is about to be disrupted, especially Walk and Duchess.

White Ivy by Susie Yang

At a young age, Ivy’s grandmother taught her how to pilfer items from yard sales in order to fit in. Ivy is your typical teenager lusting after the wealthy Gideon, until her mother discovers Ivy’s stolen goods and sends her to China. Years later and back in Boston, Ivy runs into Gideon’s sister Sylvia and jumps at the chance to infiltrate her way back into Gideon’s life. However, someone from her past that knows her better than anyone threatens to shatter the luxurious lifestyle Ivy has fought so hard to achieve.

Ohio by Stephen Markley 

One summer night, four former high school classmates return to their hometown in Ohio to revisit old secrets and reveal a harrowing mystery. Bill is a drug-abusing activist who is returning after traveling the world, but has a mysterious package strapped to his truck. Stacey is a doctoral candidate, confronting the mother of her first love after her strange disappearance. Dan is a shy veteran, visiting for a date with his high school sweetheart. And finally, Tina, whose reunion with the captain of the football team sparks a shocking climax.

Nice Girls by Catherine Dang

Mary has just returned home to Liberty Lake, Minnesota, and is completely different than the chubby, quiet, whiz kid that she was when she left. Now she is thinner and hiding from everyone the reason she was kicked out of Cornell. Soon after she arrives home, the beautiful social media star Olivia goes missing. Olivia and Mary used to be best friends and if anyone knows the real Olivia, it’s Mary. As the town obsesses over Olivia’s disappearance, Mary finds another local teen who has also gone missing under mysterious circumstances that were dismissed as a runaway and wonders if the two are connected.

The Long and Faraway Gone by Lou Berney 

In the summer of 1986, six movie-theater employees were murdered in an armed robbery, leaving only one survivor. The same summer, a teenage girl disappeared from the state fair. Neither case was ever solved. Now, twenty-five years later a private investigator’s newest case forces him to revisit the past he’s been desperately trying to escape. In his quest, he meets Julianna, the sister of the teenage girl who disappeared from the state fair who is still desperate to find out what happened to her sister. As the two search for answers together, they are forced to confront their pasts and seek answers into both crimes from the long and faraway gone summer.

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

Jess, Courtney and Dani Campbell live on a remote ranch in Canada where they have to work hard and survive their father’s violent temper. One night, a terrible event forces the three girls to go on the run—only to find themselves in an even worse situation when their truck breaks down in a small town. Forced to change their names and start new lives, the sisters never looked back. Now, eighteen years later, one of the sisters disappears and they are all forced to revisit the dark and terrifying past they have been trying so hard to forget.

Nothing Can Hurt You by Nicola Maye Goldberg

In 1997, female college student Sara Morgan was brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Blake Campbell. Told in a plethora of perspectives, this novel tells multiple stories of trauma from the people effected by this brutal murder. From the woman who discovers Sara’s body, to the journalist who can’t let the story go, to the young woman who Sara babysat before she was murdered, each chapter brings a different perspective into how this act of violence devastated an entire community.

Sadie by Courtney Summers

West McCray, a popular radio personality, just received a call from a stranger asking him to help find a nineteen-year-old runaway named Sadie. After it’s revealed that Sadie ran away after the murder of her young sister, West travels to Colorado to investigate. On her own journey with only determination and a switchblade, Sadie searches for the man who murdered her younger sister, Mattie as West begins a podcast. Told in alternate perspectives from Sadie and transcripts of West’s podcast, can he catch up with Sadie before it’s too late?

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