Laura Dave has been making a big splash this spring with the premiere of The Last Thing He Told Me, a new Apple TV+ series based on her most recent novel. We had the opportunity to chat with Laura about the show’s release, the process of writing this beautiful story, and what’s next for her. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the first episodes starring Jennifer Garner and be sure to stay tuned to She Reads because you know we’ll be eagerly sharing any news regarding new releases from Laura Dave.

The Last Thing He Told Me

Tell us about the book – how do you describe the story when asked what this book is about? Do you feel the series stays true or how does it/ does it deviate? Lots of readers are wondering what to expect.  

This is the story of Hannah, a newly married woman, whose husband mysteriously disappears leaving behind his sixteen year old daughter, and only a cryptic note that Hannah and her stepdaughter must decode together.

The series stays true to the primal journey of Hannah while expanding on the story in some ways. You’ll have to watch and see!

This book is a big pivot from your previous books. Does this book and the subsequent TV series mark a permanent change in the direction of your career? Or do you intend to return to the genre you were writing in before or to stay fluid? 

I hope to stay fluid. The question at the center of the story will always lead me in what direction I feel the novel should go. At the center of The Last Thing He Told Me, I have a woman becoming her hero of her own life. At the center of my new book, I have a woman trying to understand what it means to be the witness to someone’s life.

You’ve mentioned in other interviews that becoming a mother in the middle of writing this book changed the depth of the main characters’ relationship. What was the evolution of where the book was before and where it ended up during this time for you?

The entire novel changed when I realized this was the primal story of someone becoming a mother. It altered the direction of the novel and certainly where the primary characters ended up.

You have expressed great joy in writing the adaptation with your husband who is a well-known screenwriter. If you had to describe your favorite things about that collab, and biggest challenges, what would they be?

My husband is the most devoted writer – and so talented (in my biased opinion). I feel really lucky that he put all sorts of things aside so we could work on this together. And I’m also really happy that we are back to working on our own projects and taking our daily walks to discuss those projects – I missed those!

What is next for you?

I’m working on a new novel which I hope will be out in 2024!

What have you watched and read lately that you loved?

I’m obsessed with The Bear and I’m reading an early copy of the new Riley Sager novel which is so great.