‘Tis the season for holiday romance novels! Whether your plans involve spending time with family, competing in winter sports, or reading by the fireplace, the following books are for all who appreciate the magic of the holiday season. These stories perfectly capture the warm, cozy feelings associated with this time of year. Between small-town romances, light-hearted mysteries, and emotional family reunions, each of the following books includes single parents and themes of love, growth, acceptance, and of course, holiday cheer.

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All is Bright by RaeAnne Thayne

Single dad Mason Tucker is Sage McKnight’s most challenging client to date. Working at her father’s architecture firm, Sage is determined to make Mason’s home her best work yet. But ever since a tragic plane crash destroyed his baseball career and left him in a wheelchair, Mason has been guarded and angry. Fortunately for him, Sage is resolute in her mission to make him happy, and the season of Christmas cheer is just around the corner. Can the magic of this holiday season heal Mason’s emotional scars?

Snowfall on Haven Point by RaeAnne Thayne

Two years after losing her husband, Andrea Montgomery and her children move to Haven Point for a fresh start. All Andie wants is for her children to enjoy Christmas this year. But when a close friend asks Andie to take care of her brother, who was the victim of a hit-and-run, Andie can’t refuse. Sheriff Marshall Bailey is not used to feeling defenseless or weak, and it’s bringing out the worst in him. But after a snowstorm forces him and Andie together for the holidays and Marshall witnesses her children’s unbridled excitement, he finally starts to let his guard down. Now if they can only find a way to admit their feelings for each other, they might be able to experience a true Christmas miracle.

The Single Dad’s Holiday Match by Tanya Agler

Officer Jonathan Maxwell and community center director Brooke Novak are both single parents. Jonathan is fiercely devoted to his job and his two daughters, leaving very little time for himself. But when Brooke becomes an integral part of an ongoing investigation, Jonathan can’t deny the connection between them. He needs Brooke’s help to close the case by Thanksgiving—but she might also be his biggest distraction. A sweet holiday romance, this wholesome story pairs excellently with a cup of tea by the fireplace.

Christmas on Main Street by Leeanna Morgan

Emma’s life in Sapphire Bay has been picturesque and peaceful. The holidays are approaching, the scenery is beautiful, and her business is booming. But when she discovers that all her twins want for Christmas is their father, Emma decides to track him down with the help of Jack Devlin. Jack thinks this will be an easy case, but the more he gets to know Emma, the more complicated his feelings become. Do Jack and Emma stand a chance if her ex-husband is back in the picture? Can her children truly get to know their father? Perfect for fans of small-town romances, Christmas on Main Street is a great addition for this holiday season’s TBR.

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A Father for Christmas by Rachelle Ayala

All Kelly Kennedy wants is to giver her four-year-old daughter, Bree, a magical Christmas. Unable to afford expensive gifts after serving jail time, she looks for other ways to make sure Bree experiences the happiest of holiday seasons. Meanwhile, homeless veteran Tyler Manning doesn’t think he deserves a merry Christmas. When Kelly and Tyler cross paths, Bree is sure that Tyler is the father she asked Santa for. Unwilling to break her heart, Kelly and Tyler vow to keep Bree happy while navigating their feelings for one another. Will they be able to overcome their pasts if it gives them a chance at a better future?

There’s Something About Merry by Codi Hall

When single dad Clark Griffin is reunited with his high school crush, they decide it’s best to remain friends and nothing more. After all, Merry only needs his help to get her family’s Christmas tree farm running, and she doesn’t want to complicate things by mixing business and pleasure. But what Clark and Merry don’t know is that they’ve been anonymously flirting with each other over a dating app. As Clark’s son develops an attachment to Merry and Clark’s feelings for her grow stronger, he finds himself re-evaluating his plan to keep a distance. If the two can find a way to drop their guards and open their hearts, they might be able to fulfill their Christmas wishes after all.

The Christmas Wedding Guest by Susan Mallery

The Somerville sisters have almost given up on finding love, but it appears their luck might change this Christmas season. Dena is pregnant and single when handsome musician Micah checks into a room at her inn. Inspired by Dena’s courage and determination to be a good mother, Micah finally starts writing songs again. But Dena has trouble believing that a rock star could truly fall for a girl like her. Meanwhile, Reggie is returning home after a failed engagement to attend her parents’ vow renewal. While preparing for the wedding, she runs into Toby, her first love, and the connection between them is as strong as ever. Can they forgive each other for past mistakes and start over? As the Christmas wedding approaches, Dena and Reggie discover important truths about themselves and about the greatest gift of all: love.

Happily This Christmas by Susan Mallery

When local cop Garrick McCabe discovers that his pregnant daughter will be coming home for Christmas, he’s desperate to recreate the bond they once had. But to do that, he needs the help of his neighbor, Wynn. Single mother Wynn Beauchene has been hiding her true feelings from Garrick, but when he asks her to help him remind his daughter of the joy of holiday season, she can’t refuse. As they try to introduce some holiday magic into Garrick’s daughter’s life, Wynn and Garrick grow closer, and both realize that if they want a happily ever after, they must learn to forgive themselves for past mistakes.