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Whether you’re looking for an alien invasion or a portal to other worlds, fantasy and science fiction has a book for any imagination. With the weather warming up and summer going into full effect, grab one of these most anticipated books fresh off the press.

Here’s the most anticipated fantasy and sci-fi books coming out in 2023>>

Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao

When Lady Jing’s mother pawned her off onto the King of Hell, it’s no wonder she didn’t turn out worse than she did. Half-vampire, half-hulijing fox-spirit, Jing spent the past ninety years running errands and trying to reign in her explosive temper. But then she overheard the plans to steal a priceless dragon pearl, and it ignites a mission within her to seek more intel on the pearl. Only her quest might cost her more than she realized it ever could, maybe even a chance at love.

On Earth as It Is on Television by Emily Jane

Blaine might just crack. His supermom wife and half-feral children are driving him insane. While Heather, half a continent away, with ships hovering overhead, sets out on a quest to understand herself and why she feels alone in the universe. And Oliver, who becomes conscious and alert after twenty catatonic years, works to sort out his broken memories. As quickly as the spaceships come, they leave without answers disrupting the world and the people in it.

The Surviving Sky by Kritika H. Rao

Iravan is a charismatic, powerful and mystical architect. His word is law inside the city, high above the jungle where the last refuges of humanity live. His wife, Ahilya, desperately wants change. When Iravan gets accused of abusing his abilities, he’ll need Ahilya to help clear his name—but as the two begin their journey she’ll discover things that might destroy their marriage, their culture, and their entire civilization.

The Splinter in the Sky by Kemi Ashing-Giwa

All Enitan wants is to quit her day job and expand her fledgling tea business. The failed war of conquest between the Holy Vaalbaran Empire and the Ominirish Republic doesn’t mean much until her sibling gets abducted by Imperial soldiers, and her lover is then assassinated. Now she’ll put away her tea and take out her weapons for vengeance, because she has a family to save and a homeland to set free.

Immortal Longings by Chloe Gong

Every year, thousands in the kingdom of Talin compete across San-Er to win unimaginable riches. Princess Calla Tuoleimi wants to bring down the monarchy of Er. She’s responsible for taking out her parents, and her uncle King Kasa is the last one left. If she wins the competition, she’ll be close enough to take him down. Calla then meets Anton Makusa, an exiled aristocrat who becomes an unexpected alliance and who threatens to disrupt all that she’s worked to accomplish.

The Sun and the Void by Gabriela Romero-Lacruz

Reina is desperate. She’s stuck, and her only salvation comes from a grandmother she didn’t know existed. Once she has the Doña’s magic, she’ll do anything to keep the favor, even bidding on an ancient god. Eva Kesare, on the other hand, is unwanted. Eva feels her family’s shame and works to hide her oddities and the magic that calls to her. The more she denies the power inside of her, the more deadly things become.

The Jasad Heir by Sara Hashem

Sylvia has had attempt after attempt at home. She is twenty, and in the land of Jasad, the armies of Nizahl have banned magic. So she has to continue hiding her abilities, or it will cost her everything. When Nizahl Heir arrives at Sylvia’s village, her life begins to unravel, and when her magic comes to light, she’s given an ultimatum to compete in the Nizahl’s Champion or suffer persecution. Sylvia soon realizes winning her freedom means destroying more than she knows.

Starter Villain by John Scalzi

Charlie Fitzer doesn’t have the best of luck. He’s a poor substitute teacher trying to scrape every penny. When he’s told he inherited his mysterious uncle’s supervillain business, shock doesn’t come close to what Charlie feels. What happens next involves stolen loot, assassins, minions, plots to take over the world, and secret volcano island lairs.

Bridge by Lauren Beukes

Bridget Kittinger grew up in the shadow of her mother, Jo, who was obsessed with one thing and one thing only: the mythical dreamworm. Jo believed she could travel to other worlds, but Bridget wasn’t sure—until Jo was found dead, and it sends Bridget home. There she finds the dreamworm buried in Jo’s freezer and it does exactly what Jo said, opening a door to all other realities. And it’s possible that Jo might just be alive.

The Water Outlaws by S.L. Huang

In the land of jianghu, there have been many attempts to challenge the unequal hierarchies of the imperial society. Lin Chong is a training instructor for the Emperor’s soldiers, and believes in keeping her head down and staying out of the way. But when that’s ripped away, she’s on the run from the Imperial Marshall and joins the Bandits of Liangshan. They fight like tigers, love like demons, believe justice is for all. Together, they can bring down the dark empire.

Thornhedge by T. Kingfisher

Toadling was stolen from her family by the fairies and raised amongst the waters of faerieland. But when she’s an adult, she’s asked to go back to the very land she was taken from and offer a blessing of protection to a newborn baby. What Toadling thinks is a simple task turns out to be far more than she ever imagined, and when a knight approaches centuries later to break the curse, Toadling will do all that she can to uphold it to the end.