If you’re looking for fast-paced and bingeworthy YA stories that you can read poolside or on the beach this year, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Taking a younger cast and putting them in mysterious and dangerous situations, these YA thrillers are perfect for all audiences and add that extra level of thrills and chills that make you question how you may handle some of these situations when you were under twenty.

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The Lake House by Sarah Beth Durst (4/25)

Claire has always been someone who goes through life being extremely safe, always protecting herself. She and two other girls, Revya and Mariana, have just arrived at a summer camp only to find it has been burned to the ground with no survivors. When the girls find a dead body in the woods, they realize that whoever killed the body in the woods and burned down the summer camp is out for blood—and they could be next.

Stranger Danger by Maren Stoffels (5/2)

Nova, Vin, and Lotus are three friends who just rented a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere to unplug and focus on their exams. With no internet, cell phones or social media, the trio can avoid any distractions to focus on their studies. That is, until they realize that someone is in the woods watching them, and the killer hunting them down is focusing in on the three friends for revenge.

We’ll Never Tell by Wendy Heard (5/16)

“We’ll Never Tell” is the most talked about viral YouTube channel that includes gossip from Hollywood’s elite. No one would guess that four Hollywood High students are behind this channel. As senior year approaches, Casey, Jacob, Eddie and Zoe may be heading in different directions, but their final episode will be epic. The group of friends plan on filming their last episode at the Valentini “murder house,” the scene of a 1972 murder/suicide. While inside, an alarm is accidentally tripped and only Casey, Eddie and Zoe make it out, with Jacob left inside bleeding. The group then wonders if something is still going on in the home, or if Jacob’s attack was something much more sinister.

Murder on a School Night by Kate Weston (7/4)

All Kerry wanted to do was stay in and have a rom-com movie marathon. But her best friend Annie  convinced her to go to a party so the two can get to the bottom of who is cyberbullying the most popular girl in school, Heather. Although Kerry is actually excited to be around her crush, Heather, things take a turn when Heather’s best friend, Selena, is found dead. Selena was suffocated with a menstrual cup and things get even stranger when another student is found dead with a sanitary pad across their eyes. Now, Kerry and Annie are hunting a high school killer dubbed the “menstrual murderer.”

Something Terrible Happened Last Night by Sam Blake (7/11)

During Katie’s seventeenth birthday party, the guests are all dancing and drinking, and the Raven Hill School’s gossip site, Rave-fess, is buzzing with gossip. When a huge fight breaks out, everyone quickly gets out of the house, leaving Frankie, Jess and Sorcha feeling as though they should return to Katie’s house and help her clean up before her parents come back. While the friends are expecting the typical mess from a high school house party, they get more than they bargained for when they find a body on the living room floor.

The Legacies by Jessica Goodman (7/25)

The Legacy Club in New York City is by invitation-only, and is known to secure the future of its elite members well beyond prep school. All you have to do is survive a week of events and then celebrate at the Legacy Ball. Excelsior seniors Bernie, Isobel and Skyler aren’t surprised to be nominated as Legacies, but a surprise nominee named Tori from Queens, a scholarship kid, has everyone wondering how the outcast was nominated. Then the night of the Legacy Ball finally arrives, and along with the champagne, secrets begin to flow—but someone will go far enough to die to keep them from coming out.

The Girls From Hush Cabin by Marie Hoy-Kenny (8/15)

Calista, Zoey, Holly and Denise were the best of friends when they spent each summer at a sleepaway camp, until tragedy struck and the camp was forced to close. Although they drifted apart after the camp closed, the four friends reunite for the funeral of a camp counselor, and can all agree that the death seems suspicious. Refusing to let the case go cold, the four decide to work together to solve the crime, but someone out there wants this case to remain cold and will stop at nothing to keep the girls from finding out the truth.

What Happened on Hicks Road by Hannah Jayne (8/29)

Lennox Oliver thinks she’s finally left her past behind her when she starts over in California. Now, she has friends, a boyfriend, and her future looks bright—until she goes to that party. Lennox is driving with her friends on the allegedly haunted Hicks Road when she hits something or someone. Lennox can’t get the visions out of her head of a girl with bloody hair screaming, but her friends think it was nothing but possibly an animal. Although she would get in a lot of trouble, Lennox wants to go to the police but doesn’t. Then a note is slipped through her window saying “Find me” and Lennox begins to wonder if it really was a girl, or if the same illness that took her mother is coming for her next.

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