From Wattpad writer with over one billion views to a New York Times bestselling author, Anna Todd’s story to publishing is an inspiring tale of just how magical the book industry can be. With the latest release of her novel, The Brightest Stars,we wanted to find out more about this successful writer. Stay tuned all November to get exclusive content from Anna Todd. We can’t wait to share her love for all things books.

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What inspired you to write The Brightest Stars?

I have written a lot of fan fiction in my career and I love writing it. However, I had always wanted to write something more personal and I kept thinking about a story with a massage therapist and a soldier. I knew that I had to write it because it wouldn’t go out of my head. Being a military wife, I had a lot to draw from that I know very well.

What’s your travel must-have while on book tour?

I’m pretty simple when it comes to fashion and clothing, as in I buy one thing in a bunch of colors and repeat the same thing the entire time. I’m pretty obsessive about my skin care. My skin is insanely sensitive and I have to be careful what I use, so I always bring my whole routine (and then some). And then my iPad to read. Those two are musts!