As the summer is winding down and the weather begins to break, your heart may be craving something to keep it warm and fuzzy for the Fall. Great news! These summer romances will bring you comfort, spice up your imagination, and have you dreaming of romance before the change of season. Add these summer romance books to your #TBR list before we roll out our Fall list and cozy up with something a little steamier like our Fifty Shades of Grey book list.

Summer Romances - The Love Scam

The Love Scam by MaryJanice Davidson

Many of us have experienced a wild night that leaves us feeling a little fuzzy the next morning, but for Rake Tarbell, a handsome and carefree bachelor, he’s taken it further than he’s ever been. When he wakes up with a thundering hangover in Venice, his wallet is missing, his million-dollar bank account is empty, and discovers that he has a long-lost daughter. As he searches for his memory, he meets Claire Delaney who he hopes can provide some answers. Roaming through the streets of Venice, these strangers become friends and a budding romance provides answers that no one realized they were searching for. If you’re looking for a ritzy, international escape, this is the book for you.

Summer Romances - Kiss My Cupcake

Kiss My Cupcake by Helena Hunting

This sugary, sweet, and sometimes savory novel is the cocktail you’ve been waiting for this summer. Blaire Calloway has planned the perfect grand opening for her cupcake and cocktails boutique – from the cake batter and blenders to the flawless photo-ops, she’s made sure that it will be the event of the century. But her picture-perfect launch has an unexpected guest – Ronan Knight and his rowdy sports bar next door, which is opening on the very same day. Never one to back down from a challenge, the two go head-to-head to win over the customers on the block. But as the competition grows, so do their feelings for one another and soon, Blaire begins to wonder if cupcakes and beer are actually a delicious recipe for love.

Summer Romances - Vanessa Yus Magical Paris Tea Shop

Vanessa Yu’s Magical Paris Tea Shop by Roselle Lim

We all need a little sprinkle of magic in our lives, right? In Roselle Lim’s latest novel, we meet Vanessa Yu, a complicatedly single woman who has a special connection with teacups and the future. To her dismay, in the bottom of every teacup, she is able to see people’s fortunes. In an attempt to escape the truth and save strangers from their fate, she distracts herself and her own search for love with a worthy competitor – coffee. But when her family sets her up with a matchmaker, she sees the worst fortune of all and decides that she must travel to Paris to learn to control her powers once and for all.

Summer Romances -  Take a Hint Dani Brown

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert

If you’ve ever swooned over Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, then fasten your seatbelt. Danika Brown is a feisty, pink-haired Ph.D. student who puts the “situation” in “situationship”. She’s had enough of love and simply wants someone to keep her bedroom hot and steamy. That’s until she has an unlikely rescue from Zafir Ansari, a retired rugby player turned security guard who’s been down on his luck. When the video of her heroic rescue goes viral, Danika begins to question her plan for friends-with-benefits and agrees to fake a relationship with Zafir to gain exposure for his sports charity. This hilarious rom-com rolls through the sheets and through the hearts of an unlikely pair who often just need to, well, take a hint.

Summer Romances - Party of Two

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

Olivia Monroe has an incredible to-do list: move to Los Angeles, start her own law firm, and become the best lawyer west of the Mississippi. So, when she sits down for a drink at a hotel bar, romance is the last thing on her mind. All of her lofty plans begin to change when she meets the gorgeous Max Powell, a high-profile junior senator who’s decorated in accolades and dripping with charm. As their conversation goes from laughter and drinks to sweet love notes and chocolate, they start a secret romance. But as their love begins to bloom and they reveal their relationship to the world, Olivia becomes the topic of the town, and not in the way she had planned. Is their love strong enough to withstand the public eye and the heat of media scrutiny?

Summer Romances - The Wedding Date Disaster

The Wedding Date Disaster by Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn’s edgy romance reminds us of an episode of Wife Swap but with a mysterious twist.

Hadley Donavan would do anything (yes, anything), to avoid returning home to Nebraska for her sister’s wedding. So, she calls on no one other than her best friend to be her wingman to save her from an evening of mixing and mingling with her family. But when her best friend’s evil twin comes in his place, she’s sure that the wedding will be a complete disaster. As much as she wants to loathe her BFF’s evil twin, she just can’t resist the tease of his know-it-all attitude and smirk at every turn.

Summer Romances - Finding Joy

Finding Joy by Adriana Herrera

There is so much joy in falling in love and this dazzling read delivers as sparks fly between these hidden lovers. Desta returns to his roots in Ethiopia as an American aid worker for a few short weeks. His homecoming is bittersweet, as he still has the aching memories of losing his father. While he seeks closure and looks to the future, his pain is quickly relieved when he meets Elias. Friendship blossoms into a deep love and gives Elias a new perspective about life as an openly gay man, which is still criminalized within the country. Adriana Herrera weaves her proud Ethiopian roots through this love story that will have you rooting that love can conquer all.

Summer Romances - Queen Move

Queen Move by Kennedy Ryan

Some of us spend our entire lives searching for love, but some are lucky enough to find it as early as the baby shower, which is the case for Kimba and Ezra who met shortly after they came into the world. Inseparable best friends from the time they were in diapers, the two spent a childhood together full of memories and many firsts – first steps, first day of school, first kiss, and an undeniable first love. Their romance was one of fairytales until their parents have an argument that leaves them torn apart for twenty years. The long-lost lovers are reunited at the funeral of Kimba’s father and hope for a second chance at their forever love…except this time, Ezra is in a committed relationship and a father. What lengths will they go to rekindle their young love? Maybe the secret lies in their childhood memories.

Summer Romances - The Happy Ever After Playlist

The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend and a furry companion is exactly what Sloan needs to move forward with her life. Two years after losing the love of her life, she finds Tucker, a lost dog that needs a friend, too. After trying to reach out to his owner with to no avail, the pair start a journey toward healing. But weeks later, Tucker’s music-loving owner finally reaches out and he wants to take him back. Follow along with this playful tale where a battle over a dog grows into a romance that may put Sloan’s heart back together.

Summer Romances - Inappropriate

Inappropriate by Vi Keeland 

Bachelorette parties are the designated “hall pass” for the bride-to-be and her closest gals to let loose, have a little fun, and even get a bit reckless. From dancing on bars to getting a bit too tipsy, the night ends and the memories are promised to be kept secret. But when a private video is leaked from the week of celebration, Ireland receives a shocking termination letter from her hard-earned job for inappropriate behavior. In a fury, she pens a strongly-worded letter to the company’s CEO demanding that the decision be overturned – the last thing she ever expected was to befriend the pompous, multi-millionaire and win him over. As he promises to reinstate her position, the unlikely pair spark a sizzling connection full of flirtation, wicked banter, and electrifying chemistry. What began as an inappropriate video evolves into an off-limits relationship, and Ireland isn’t afraid of the sweet taste of rebellion.