Kendare Blake is the renowned author of the ever-popular Three Dark Crowns series. This YA series has recently been optioned for film by Fox and has a cult following of readers who adore Kendare’s books, which are perfect for diehard Game of Thrones fans. Since the publication of her latest novel in her New York Times bestselling series, Two Dark Reigns, is finally here, we’re honoring the down-to-earth author all month long as the She Reads Guest Editor. Look out for exclusive content from Kendare right here on She Reads.


What inspired you to write your Three Dark Crowns series?

A ball of bees. Long story short: I was at a book event and there was a swarm of bees, like a ball, made out of bees, attached to a tree near the associated hot dog truck. I needed to get a hot dog (Seattle dog: piled with cream cheese and grilled onions!) and I was more than a little terrified. But a beekeeper who was there told me the bees were only protecting their queen in the middle of the ball. Also, after much questioning, I learned that queen bees will lay four or five queen eggs and when the baby queens hatch they kill each other to see who takes over the old hive. Driving home later I realized I really wanted to do that to people, and I started working on Three Dark Crowns.

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