Valentine’s Day is a great day for indulgence. Whether you’re celebrating with someone else or going solo, take a little time to treat yourself to these six erotic short stories set to make your temperature rise. All of them can be found on Radish, an app featuring a huge library of steamy romances – some of which provide new chapters on a daily or weekly basis. So, just like a TV show, the story (and the sex) continuously bring you new twists and turns that you can experience all day long. We know how much you love our books like Fifty Shades of Grey book list, so we’ve partnered with Radish to bring you six ultra-sexy short stories just in time for Valentine’s Day. You can read the full episodes by clicking the link to download the Radish app and keep reading.

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Once you read the summaries, you can download the Radish app to read the full episodes.

The Alpha’s Baby

Werewolves Colton and Maya are fated mates from rival packs. Now they have to work together to hunt old pack members while learning how to put up with one another…and handling a werewolf pregnancy full of fangs, claws, and rampant hormones. Can Colton and Maya find love amidst the chaos in this erotic shifter romance? Or will their love-hate relationship end up eating each one of them alive?

The Client

Newbie bodyguard Lena Anasova has never had a client. Reclusive formerly blind artist Reed Lancaster has never been with a woman. Try as Lena might to keep things professional between them, their attraction to one another constantly puts them in the middle of dangerous mysteries and potentially explosive situations.

Club K

When a Miami newspaper offers Isabella Smith the chance to get away from her cheating ex-boyfriend and start over, she never imagines her first scoop as a reporter will be at mysterious sex club. Going undercover at Club K thrusts Isabella into the kinky world of Miami’s ultra rich, where drugs, crime and politics abound. Soon, she finds herself tested at every turn by Saben Petrov, the enigmatic club ringmaster with a dark secret.

The Doctor

Participating in BDSM is the furthest thing from Kate’s mind when she agrees to write an article about the subject. She’s a good girl-and her Supreme Court Justice father would disown her if she brought a scandal into their family. But then she meets Master D, her Dominant. And recognizes him as no other than Dr. Drake Morgan. Her dad’s best friend.  If Dr. Morgan’s underground BDSM becomes public, it’ll ruin his career. And if Kate’s family learns of her kinky new habits, it’ll bring ruin to the family name. But too bad for them…it turns out Kate likes it rough. And rough is Master D’s specialty.

The Hot Ones

The Rogue is the hottest male strip club in L.A. It’s not the dream job for pragmatic single mom Ari, but desperate times and all.  Damon is the hottest dancer at the place – gorgeous, cocky and rocking an eight pack. The two seem an unlikely pair, but soon the clothes are coming off (backstage, that is). And that’s when the real trouble begins.

Seducing My Ex-Boyfriend’s Dad

Cassidy Shepard wants Dr. Lowe. He’s confident. Experienced. Seductive. Lust chokes each moment they’re together. He promises to fulfill her fantasies—every dirty, naughty desire she can dream up. Only, she can’t have him – because he’s her ex-boyfriend’s father.