We cannot get enough of Taylor Jenkins Reid and lucky for us, another one of the author’s novels is coming to the big screen. The movie adaptation of her 2016 romantic dramedy  One True Loves is out this Spring and the trailer is finally here!

The movie, coming out April 7th and hitting streaming channels on April 28th, tells the story of Emma Blair (Phillipa Soo), a fun-loving travel enthusiast who is shocked to find out her husband Jesse (Luke Bracey), presumed dead for years, is alive, right as she begun to move on with her life.

“At first it was so hard to let go,” Emma says in the dramatic trailer, released February 14th, “I refused to admit that you were gone. But then I started to think that the good days could be good weeks or good months. I’m finally ready to live again.”

Then she received the shocking phone call, right as she began to move on with her life. “Sweetheart, it’s Jesse,” the man on the phone says. “I’m alive.”

When Jesse returns, their reunion is sweet and loving, but he is shocked to find out that his wife is engaged to her old best friend, Sam (Simu Liu).

Soo’s Emma is forced to make an impossible decision: the husband she married or the man who helped her start to live again?

While the trailer tugs at the heartstrings, it is filled with laughable moments and lots of hope, leaving us to wonder if someone can have more than one soulmate. And more importantly, Team Jesse or Team Sam?