If you love to celebrate the fall weather after the pumpkin spice dissipates and the Jack-o’-lanterns have lost their flame, Riley Sager is the perfect author to keep spooky season going past Halloween. Sager’s stories are eerie and beguiling tales of terror with fast pacing, vivid characters, and cinematic storylines guaranteed for a good spook! If you’ve already read all of Sager’s books and are anxious awaiting his 2022 release, The House Across the Lake, here are some books that are perfect for fans of Riley Sager!

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Final Girls 

Ten years ago, Quincy Carpenter was the lone survivor in a brutal massacre when a madman butchered all of her friends. The media grouped her together with two other women who had survived massacres and dubbed them the “final girls.” Now, one of those women is dead and one is at Quincy’s doorstep. Will Sam or Quincy be next?

The Last Time I Lied 

Fifteen years ago at Camp Nightingale, Emma watched three of her friends walk out of their cabin, only to disappear forever. Now, with the camp newly reopened, Emma’s creative masterpieces gain the attention of the owner and Emma is invited back to teach art. Reluctant at first, Emma finds herself staying in the very same cabin she had as a child and is desperately searching for clues as to what happened to her friends years ago.

Lock Every Door 

Jules gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she is invited to be an apartment sitter for one of the most high-profile buildings in Manhattan. Then Jules befriends another apartment sitter named Ingrid who reminds Jules of her sister who went missing eight years ago. When Ingrid tells Jules that the building has a dark past, Jules thinks it’s just rumors—until Ingrid goes missing and Jules must confront the secrets the building has been trying to hide.

Home Before Dark 

Maggie and her parents moved into a Victorian house in the woods in Vermont twenty-five years ago, only to live there for three weeks and never return. Maggie’s father wrote a book about their chilling experience, a best-seller that included hauntings and encounters with malevolent spirits. Maggie never believed any of what her father’s book said. That is, until her father died and leaves Maggie the house. When Maggie returns to restore the old home to sell it, she finds that her father’s book might not have been as unbelievable as she thought.

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Survive the Night

Charlie is heading home from college, catching a ride from a stranger after her best friend was killed by the Campus Killer, a serial killer terrorizing campus. The man, Josh Baxter, says he is going home to care for his sick father—or is he? When Charlie begins to notice discrepancies in Josh’s stories and realizes she is stuck in a car in the middle of the night with a complete stranger, Charlie begins to wonder: Am I overthinking or am I stuck in a car with the Campus Killer?

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No Exit by Taylor Adams

College student Darby Thorne is traveling home to visit her dying mother when she’s caught in a blizzard in the Colorado mountains. To try and ensure her safety, she pulls into a rest stop with a handful of strangers riding out the storm. In the parking lot, Darby finds a little girl locked in an animal cage in the back of a van. Trapped by the blizzard, Darby must try to save the little girl with no cell phone reception and no way of escaping, but saving her might be harder than she thought when Darby realizes that one of the strangers she’s been engaging is the child’s kidnapper.

Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

Kate Priddy has been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks stemming from the day that her ex-boyfriend kidnapped and almost killed her. When a distant cousin named Corbin reaches out to Kate and suggest they partake in an apartment swap, Kate agrees that a change of scenery from London would be good for her. Soon after arriving in Boston, Kate discovers one of Corbin’s neighbors has been brutally murdered and a handsome stranger tells Kate that the murdered neighbor was involved with Corbin. Although Corbin denies being involved, Kate begins to find clues in his apartment that lead her to believe that Corbin could be a cold-blooded killer.

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware 

Rowan Caine is in prison writing her lawyer letters proclaiming her innocence regarding the death of a child she was nannying. Beginning with an amazing opportunity at the perfect time as a live-in nanny in a luxurious “smart home,” Rowan relives her experiences in the house and what led to her being incarcerated—and a child being dead. From the house that seems to be watching it all to the two little girls who were far from the angelic children she thought they were to a mysterious handyman, Rowan knows the person responsible for the death is still walking around the estate.

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They Never Learn by Layne Fargo

Every year, English professor Scarlett Clark kills whoever she believes to be the worst man on campus, preparing for her biggest takedown yet. When the campus officials begin to investigate the school’s questionably high body count, Scarlett gets as close as she can to the woman in charge. Meanwhile, college freshman Carloy Schiller finds herself entangled in an intense friendship with her new roommate, Allison. When Allison is sexually assaulted at a party, it appears that Scarlett may not be the only one who has an obsession with ridding the campus of horrible men as Carly begins to plot her own style of revenge.

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