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Instagram has created a renaissance for poets worldwide over the last few years, from Rupi Kaur to Tyler Knott Gregson. Once considered a classroom obligation for some, poetry has emerged as an accessible and interesting way for readers to connect with feelings and ideas we may otherwise overlook.

With powerful words and captivating feeds, here are 10 emerging poets you should be following on Instagram in 2021 for your daily dose of inspiration.

Victoria Erickson, @victoriaericksonwriter

If you haven’t heard of Victoria Erickson, her name will likely stick with you after reading a few excerpts of her work. Erickson covers topics of daily life in a way that makes even the most mundane moments feel whimsical. She has two published works, including Rhythms and Roads and Edge of Wonder, and also offers creative retreats for emerging poets to evolve their voice.

Shay Belt, @saysshay

Shay Belt’s Instagram account merges sensuality with stirring thoughts to create an emotional and moving experience. She covers a wide range of topics, including personal relationships and self-love. Her book The Rose that Never Grew From Concrete was released in June 2018 with selections of her work.

R.C. Perez, @ignovionwrites 

Toronto-based writer R.C. Perez expresses the beauty and nuances of human connection, loss and love that are sure to have your heart soaring after reading just a few posts. Perez offers poems that help us sort the complexities of the human experience, while also leaving us feeling a sense of wonder and hope about what may come.

Casi Ari, @casri.ari

With words that seem to speak to the deepest parts of you, Casi Ari’s poems are powerful and refreshingly honest. Paired with evocative line drawings, Ari has a way of encompassing universal feelings and truths. Her book Whole is set to release later this year. Ari also offers selections of her most popular line art drawings as canvas prints.

Tenille K. Campbell, @sweetmoonphoto

Brazen, powerful and authentic, Indigenious Artist Tenille Campbell’s words will make you stand a little taller after reading them. As a self-proclaimed “PoetPhotographer” Campbell’s words weave topics of self-love, relationships and legacy with a modern and fresh approach.

Daren Colbert, @darencolbert 

With a following of over 100K, readers and writers alike resonate with the simple, yet oh-so-relevant writing of Daren Colbert. With both short and long form poems, Colbert offers electrifying perspectives on life, love and shared human experiences.

Courtney Peppernell, @courtneypeppernell 

You’ve probably heard of Courtney Peppernell, but if you haven’t, you’ll be glad you did. As the bestselling author of Pillow Thoughts, her writing manifests heart-filled topics that most of us encounter including loss, healing, and love. In addition to her books, Peppernell offers prints and cards for readers.

Shana Marie Roark, @supergirlreject 

Shana Marie Roark is a NYC-based poet who writes powerful pieces about activism, feminism,  mental health and more. You may even encounter Roark not only on Instagram, but also on the streets of New York City writing custom poems for those passing by. Her book Becoming was released in June 2017.

Pavana Reddy, @mazadohta 

85K followers have already fallen in love with Pavana Reddy’s words of resilience, connection and empathy. With two books including where do you go alone and RangoliReddy’s writing encourages us to embrace all aspects of our experiences and heal with with courage.

A.M. King, @amking.poetry

The beauty of A.M. King’s poetry and overall aesthetic will have you happily lost in the magic of her Instagram feed. Her work emboldens intimacy, self-acceptance and purpose. King also offers support for other writers on her website, ranging from helpful blog posts to a poet archetype quiz.