The revival of Are You Afraid of The Dark? was perfect for fans of the original show. The young adult series was one of the first horror anthologies that built a generation that would one day devour all of the seasons of American Horror Story. The series featured terrifying tales and an eerie combination of images in its opening credits that shook you to the core before you even got to the actual episode. If you grew up stuck to your TV screen every time a new episode aired, check out these YA books that are perfect for fans of this show!

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Ski Weekend by Rektok Ross

Stuck in a car with her brother, some classmates, a dog, and her brother’s handsome friend, Gavin, Sam would much rather be anywhere else than on her way to her senior ski weekend. When the SUV crashes, Sam’s brother ends up injured and with a fever that is only getting worse and the group finds themselves with no reception to call for help. As the situation begins claiming the lives of the group of friends one by one, Sam finds herself in a fight for survival to keep her brother and herself alive.

The Woods Are Always Watching by Stephanie Perkins 

Neena and Josie are high-school best friends who had to part ways to attend their freshman year of college. With two-thousand miles separating the two friends, they are anxiously awaiting the three-day hike they have planned deep in the woods. When tension combined with a detour off the trail lead the two girls into a nightmare, they realize not only are these three days a test of friendship, but survival as well.

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All These Bodies by Kendare Blake 

In 1958, a maniacal serial killer is terrorizing the midwest, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake that have all been drained of their blood. Michael Jensen is an aspiring journalist whose father is the town sheriff and never imagined these murders would end up haunting his hometown. When a family is murdered and a fifteen-year-old girl is the main suspect, Michael is pulled into the investigation when she declares he’s the only one she will tell what happened that night.

The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould 

Logan and her dads arrive to Snakebite, Oregon and upon arrival, Logan immediately senses something is off. Teenagers are disappearing and being found dead, the weather isn’t what it should be, and all fingers are pointing at Logan’s dads, who are the most popular ghost hunters on TV. When Logan begins to be haunted by a missing teen, she turns to his girlfriend to help her find the answers behind his disappearance, finding themselves both in grave danger.

Five Total Strangers by Natalie D. Richards

When Mira gets stuck at the airport during a blizzard as she’s trying to fly home for the holidays, she thinks she’s been rescued by her beautiful seatmate, Harper. When Harper offers Mira a ride home with three others in the vehicle, Mira realizes they are all strangers, each hiding their own secrets. As the storm intensifies, the tension mounts in the vehicle and Mira wonders if she will make it home, alive or not.

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Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

Quinn and her father have moved to the boring town of Kettle Springs and notice the town is divided into two different groups. The adults who want to bring the town back to the greatness it was before the corn syrup factory shut down, and the kids who want to play pranks and are counting down the days until they can escape. The divide turns deadly when someone dressed as a clown decides to start killing off the youth in a desperate attempt to keep Kettle Springs the perfect town.

They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman

Sisters Stella and Ellie may close in age, but their personalities couldn’t be more opposite. Stella is an introvert and cross-country running while extrovert Ellie has a huge social life outside of running. When Mila Keene, a new student and star athlete arrives at their school, Stella and Ellie both see her as major competition. Both sisters end up developing their own friendships with Mila and also feel the pressure as regionals approach. Things take a horrible turn when Mile goes for a run one day only to never return and the prime suspects are Stella and Ellie.

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