Let’s face it, sometimes once the dust settles and all of your questions are answered in a thriller, you still want more. Whether it’s a new addition to your favorite series or an unexpected continuation of a book you couldn’t stop thinking of, check out some of these crime fiction sequels coming to your bookshelf in 2022!

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The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell (sequel to The Family Upstairs)

Rachel Rimmer is shocked when she receives a call that her husband, Michael, has been found murdered in his home. Although the police state that Michael has been killed by some gangster associates, the truth is the real killer is his ex-wife, Lucy. A year later, Lucy is living her happily ever after, completely unaware that she is being hunted by Rachel and Rachel will stop at nothing to get her revenge.

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Long Gone by Joanna Schaffhausen (sequel to Gone for Good)

Detective Annalisa Vega’s life has been a disaster since she turned her father in for his role in a murder. Her father was an amazing cop, and now Annalisa’s fellow officers don’t trust her, and her family refuses to forgive her for doing the right thing. When a fellow detective is found murdered, Annalisa decides to investigate. The prime suspect is a man who got away with the murder of his girlfriend and is now dating a new potential victim: Annalisa’s best friend. Determined to protect her friend and get justice for the murders of the previous victim and the murdered detective, Annalisa must risk it all to get the answers she’s desperate to find.

The Collector by Anne Mette Hancock (sequel to The Corpse Flower)

When a child disappears from his school, the police discover he had an obsession with pareidolia, which means he can see objects or patterns in random places. After discovering a photo on his phone taken right before his disappearance that shows an old barn door that resembles a face, journalist Heloise Kaldan thinks she recognizes the barn. After the boy’s bloody jacket is found, the main suspect is located and found murdered execution-style, leaving Heloise and the police to wonder if you can ever really trust what you see.

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The Binding Room by Nadine Matheson (sequel to The Jigsaw Man)

Detective Anjelica Henley’s newest cast is to investigate the murder of a popular preacher. Upon arriving, she finds a second victim who is barely alive and showing signs of a ritualistic torture. As Henley begins to investigate suspects and try to get answers on if the two cases are connected, another body appears. And if Henley doesn’t solve the case, she could very well be next.

I Told You This Would Happen by Elaine Murphy (sequel to Look What You Made Me Do)

It’s been four months since Carrie lost her sister Becca—an unknown serial killer—and she is finally free to live the boring lifestyle she’s craved since Becca first started killing, and relied on Carrie to help clean up her messes. When an amateur group of sleuths begin to investigate the killings find a note was left, incriminating Carrie in the disappearance, Carrie discovers that someone is lurking in the shadows who knows way more than they should. The boring lifestyle she’s craving just may have to wait after all.

Dead Wind by Tessa Wegert (the third Shana Merchant novel)

Shana Merchant and her fellow investigator Tim Wellington have just arrived to the scene of a dead body under a giant wind turbine. But this isn’t your average murder; this is a case that sends Shana into a web of political power and deadly secrets that shroud the community of the Thousand Islands in Upstate New York. Is this a revenge killing—or could Shana’s past, in which she escaped a serial killer, be following her back home?

One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner (sequel to Before She Disappeared)

When a young man disappears in the woods on the first night of his bachelor party, Frankie Elkin heads to Wyoming to assist in the final search. As Frankie joins the search party, she realizes that someone extremely dangerous is in the woods, and this person is capable of murder to hide their own secrets and what really happened the night the man went missing.

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Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead by Elle Cosimano (sequel to Finlay Donovan Is Killing It)

Struggling author Finlay Donovan hasn’t seen a dead body in a while and is trying to finish her next novel. However, the fact that someone is trying to put a hit on her ex-husband still haunts Finlay, and she sets out to make sure Steven stays alive. As her best friend and live-in nanny is hiding things from Finlay, and the hot detective Nick is trying to find his way back into her life, Finlay is determined to finish her book and try to stop someone from murdering her ex-husband.

Clown in a Cornfield 2: Frendo Lives by Adam Cesare (sequel to Clown in a Cornfield)

Quinn is looking forward to a fresh start in her first year away at college after barely getting out of Kettle Springs alive. That fantasy is short-lived, when Quinn finds an online conspiracy theory that the Kettle Springs Massacre never happened and no one is willing to let Quinn tell them otherwise. When a murderous clown attacks Quinn at a frat party and another attacks her father in Kettle Springs, she realizes her only option is to return home, and put an end to this nightmare once and for all.

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