Real talk: Royals are fascinating. Exhibit A is the entire Windsor clan, from Diana to Harry to Kate to Meghan to William and everyone in between (oddly no one seems fascinated by Anne, but there’s still time). Royal romance stories are no less captivating. But LGBTQ+ royal romances haven’t gotten much time in the spotlight. Here are five stories that will hopefully change that.

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Taboo by Autumn & Ashley

As a royal, Owen Wysor is used to having every action, every movement, scrutinized. It’s been that way since he was born. So, the stakes are high if his nighttime activities come out – that he’s been sleeping with a man, and a sex worker at that.

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Lyr and Cavere by Novae Caelum

In the far future, interstellar con man Anais Cavere takes on a job impersonating her hero – immortal demigod Barenin Lyr. Things get complicated when Cavere realizes that the person who hired him to impersonate Barenin Lyr – is Barenin Lyr. Lyr sweeps Cavere into a world of intrigue and cosmic dangers…and may sweep him off his feet at the same time.

Kidnapping the Princess by Yuriko Hime

Once upon a time, Talia – a beautiful princess – was involved with Cybele, a stunning model. Then Talia betrayed Cybele, whose life and family were ruined. Cybele wants revenge on her ex – and kidnapping seems just what will quell her rage. Kidnapping a royal isn’t easy, but Cybele succeeds. What’s going to be harder is the two women navigating their passion for one another and discovering if forgiveness is really possible.

Theirs For The Night by Katee Robert

Theo is an exiled crown prince, and Galen is his bodyguard. Both look like they are cut from marble, have a penchant for lavish trouble and have been involved with each other for years. More than friends, less than dating? When Meg Sanders meets the two, she’s unsure of what their deal is, other than that the two men sleep with each other. So when they invite her into their bed, the normally-plays-by-the-rules Meg decides to engage spontaneity and joins them. That’s where the fun – and complications – begin.

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Triumvirate by Cari Z

In a world of magic, shifters, royal houses and sprawling empires, emotions run higher and passions even higher. Destinies and power are on the line as everyone prepares for an upcoming union. But when there’s one wedding, two grooms and three lovers, anything could happen.

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