I blame 90’s cinema on my obsession with twisted love stories. From Basic Instinct to Fatal Attraction and every sexy thriller in between, there’s something more chilling when thrillers involve obsession, deception and love. If you’re looking for a thriller that includes those twisted relationships, here are some of the sexiest and scariest stories you’ll never want to end!

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The Wives by Tarryn Fisher 

In this cautionary tale of love and obsession, Fisher takes the reader on a rollercoaster of a story the features an unconventional love story that is the ultimate twisty thrill. Thursday shares her husband Seth with his two other wives, Monday and Tuesday. The three women have never met and know nothing about one another. When Thursday finds a piece of paper with Monday’s real name and address, she finds herself creating a faux friendship with Tuesday and falls into a rabbit hole of mystery as to not only who Monday and Tuesday really are, but reveals disturbing information as to why Seth is so desperate to keep the women separated.

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These Violent Delights by Micah Nemerever

Toxic relationships that you can’t turn away from take on a new meaning in this literary love story full of psychologically terrifying moments. Paul is still reeling from the death of his father when he meets Julian at a university in Pittsburgh during the 1970s. Julian is charming and mysterious and Paul is immediately drawn to him, becoming obsessed with proving to Julian that he is worthy of his friendship. As the friendship turns to a relationship and Paul gets more in tune with who Julian really is deep down, obsession turns to violence and neither man is prepared for what’s to come.

Heartsick by Chelsea Cain

In the most chilling relationship I’ve yet to read and the one that will make your jaw drop, Heartsick is the first in a series by Chelsea Cain and most comparable to the movie Basic Instinct—if that says anything. Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell worked on a task force together for a decade, searching for a vicious serial killer that was haunting Portland. Not only did Archie fall in love with Gretchen, but he found out—too late—that she was the serial killer they were hunting. Now two years later, Gretchen is in prison and Archie is finally returning to work when a serial killer attacks Portland again. Working with a determined young report and the old task force he left behind, Archie must do whatever it takes to find this madman…even if that means asking Gretchen for help.

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The Nowhere by Chris Gill 

Isolation and obsession merge together in this coming-of-age story. Seb is sick of his life on his family’s remote farm filled with days of chores and dealing with his short-tempered father. But everything changes when a new family move in next door and Seb meets Jake, a handsome bad boy type that promises to be Seb’s perfect escape toward a life far away from the country. As the relationship between the two goes far beyond friendship, Seb wonders how far would the two of them go if the promise of a different life became more than a fantasy.

White Ivy by Susie Yang 

Love, lies and obsession weave together beautifully within this story of race and class that combines part coming-of-age story of an Asian American woman, diabolical obsession, and a psychological thriller. Ivy’s immigrant grandmother taught Ivy at a young age how to steal from yard sales and second-hand stores in order to fit in. Ivy is your typical teenager, lusting after the wealthy Gideon, until her mother discovers Ivy’s stolen goods and sends her to China. Years later and back in Boston, Ivy runs into Gideon’s sister Sylvia and takes it as a sign the two are meant to be together. As Ivy infiltrates her way into Gideon’s life, someone from her past that knows her better than anyone threatens to shatter the luxurious lifestyle Ivy has fought so hard to achieve.

The Hunting Wives by May Cobb

Combining a salacious and sensual story of friendship and murder into a plot involving guns and martinis, May Cobb will seduce you into a wild group of friends and leave you dying to be part of the friendships before you even see danger approaching. Shortly after Sophie and her husband leave Chicago to raise their son in a small Texas town, Sophie finds herself restless and missing the big city. Then, Sophie meets the mystifying Margot and her clique known as the Hunting Wives. As Sophie bonds with the new women in her life, she finds herself in way over her head in this new world of late-night target practice and copious amounts of cocktails. Sophie’s world comes crashing down as her family life starts to fall apart and the police find the body of a teenage girl close to where Sophie and her friends get together.

Yes, Daddy by Jonathan Parks-Ramage

The filthy rich lifestyle combines with a sensual modern gothic tale of ambition and animalistic attraction that will leave you breathless, Yes, Daddy is one you’ll have a hard time not thinking about. When Jonah moved to New York City, he had big dreams, but unfortunately, those dreams are on hold while he works at a restaurant and can barely make ends meet. Upon seeing the charming Richard, Jonah crafts a plan for the twos paths to cross, and this “chance” meeting turns into a disastrous affair. Soon, Jonah is in the Hamptons with Richard and his friends, noticing all of the gorgeous young men that work for them are covered in bruises. As the affair comes to a terrifying end, Jonah is soon on Richards bad side and begins to regret everything he did to try to get a step ahead.

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