Something about summer just screams romance in the air. With the warmer weather and more things to do outside, it’s always possible to run into your soulmate when you least expect it. If you’re looking for some swoon-worthy LGBTQIA+ romances to read this summer by the pool or on the beach, here are some recommendations that will have you feeling smitten.

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Big Gay Wedding by Byron Lane (5/30)

While Barnett Durang’s mother may already know he’s gay, she doesn’t know he’s about to get married…on her farm. Barnett is having two hundred guests to his mother’s farm in a small Louisiana town, but between family issues and the town itself, pulling this off could be the biggest gay event in this area.

That Summer Feeling by Bridget Morrissey (5/30)

Once a believer in fate and destiny, Garland Moore was shocked to receive divorce papers from her husband on Valentine’s Day. To help get her mind off from things, Garland’s friends invite her and her sister to their reopened sleepaway camp to enjoy a summer getaway. Shortly after arriving, Garland runs into Mason, a man she had a premonition about after a brief meeting in the past. To make matters even more confusing for Garland, she is rooming with Mason’s sister, Stevie. The more time Garland spends with Stevie, the more she begins to wonder if it’s fate after all.

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All the Right Notes by Dominic Lim (6/6)

Quito Cruz is a piano player and composer in New York City who feels that ever since that night in college with dreamy jock Emmett Aoki, Quito hasn’t had the inspiration he needs to get to his Broadway dream. When Quito’s dad asks him to put on a charity performance in his hometown, he is baffled to learn one if his tasks is to convince Emmett—now a hot celebrity—to participate. The tension rises and old feelings resurface when Emmette unexpectedly agrees.

The Gay Best Friend by Nicolas DiDomizio (6/6)

Domenic Marino has always been able to switch between hypermasculine and ultrafeminine for the two different worlds of his best friends. After his own failed engagement, this summer Domenic is being asked to attend both the bachelor and the bachelorette parties of his two friends getting married. When the rambunctious groomsmen show up at the beach house for the party, the groom’s old frat brother and PGA star Bucky Graham arrives and brings chaos with him. By the time Nicolas gets to the bachelorette party, he is so full of secrets, his mind is full of information that could destroy the wedding, Bucky’s career, and Dom’s future.

Sammy Espinoza’s Last Review by Tehlor Kay Mejia (7/18)

Sammy Espinoza’s life is not going according to plan. Sammy is in trouble at work after a failed attempt to win back her ex-girlfriend, and has one chance to turn things around before her editor eliminates her column. Years after he quit his band, it’s rumored the one and only Max Ryan is recording a solo album, and this is just the rumor Sammy needs. Sammy and Max had one night together before he rose to stardom and now Sammy wants to return to her hometown for not only the scoop on Max, but revenge as well since Max had ghosted her.

In the Case of Heartbreak by Courtney Kae (7/25)

Ben has worked in his family’s café for years baking cinnamon rolls and silently lusting over the musician and mechanic, Adam Reed, who works next door. Now, Ben has entered a competition to turn his recipes into a national brand, which also includes him confessing his love for Adam on live TV. But things don’t happen the way Ben expects them to and soon he is broken-hearted and off to California for his grandmother’s birthday. As the party gets started, Ben is shocked to find the musical entertainment hired is none other than Adam Reed.

New Adult by Timothy Janovsky (8/15)

Twenty-three-year-old Nolan Baker’s goal was to have it all by the time he’s thirty, but he is currently single, not financially stable, and his career has not yet taken off. When Nolan gets the opportunity to fill in for a comedian, he misses his sister’s wedding, stands up his best friend, Drew, and lets his entire family down. Nolan then wishes on a set of “magic healing crystals” to skip to the good part of his life and finds himself waking up at the age of thirty with a successful career and everything he’s always wanted, except for his friends and family. Nolan turns to Drew for help but finds that Drew now hates Nolan. Alone, Nolan must prove to his family, Drew, and himself that he’s still the guy he was before.

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