In crime fiction, nothing will keep your eyes glued to the pages like a whodunit. From Agatha Christie to the board game Clue to the recent Knives Out movie, having the ability to immerse yourself in the investigation of a crime as well as solve it is a wild ride that allows you to interact with all of the clues provided to help solve the case. If you’re looking for some thrilling whodunits, here are some that are guaranteed to keep you up all night guessing!

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Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby 

Ike Randolph is a Black man whose son, Isiah, and his white husband Derek have just been murdered. Ike’s and Derek’s father both have something in common: Neither man was accepting of their sons’ sexuality, and both are desperate to find answers as to who was responsible for the murders, after the police are left with zero leads. These two men will stop at nothing to find out who killed their sons and extract revenge by taking the investigation in to their own hands.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Journalist Camille Preacher has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and is looking to get back to work. Her next assignment? Return to her small hometown for the first time in years to investigate the murders of two young girls. When Camille returns home, she is forced to confront the mother she’s had a rocky relationship with and her half-sister that she barely knows.

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The It Girl by Ruth Ware

When Hannah Jones attended Oxford, April Clarke-Cliveden was the first friend she made and the ultimate “it” girl. During their first year, they developed a great friend group that was ultimately torn apart when April was found murdered and Oxford porter John Neville is found guilty. A decade later, Hannah is expecting her first child and John Neville has just died in prison. Thinking she can finally put the past behind her, Hannah is shocked when a journalist presents evidence that Neville may have been innocent.

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Stalker by Lars Kepler

The Swedish National Crime Unit has just received a video of a young woman in her home, unaware that she is being stalked. Before the police can identify her, she is found murdered. When the police receive another video of a woman being stalked, they enlist the help of Joona Linna to help find this twisted killer before it’s too late.

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Valentine by Tom Savage

Jillian Talbot is a successful author living in Greenwich Village, who has recently been receiving threatening messages from an unknown stalker who called himself “Valentine.” Not only is this stalker getting closer and closer to Jillian, but he has killed before and now he has his eyes set on her. As Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer—so does Valentine and his threats begin to get more threatening.

Everything You Want Me To Be by Mindy Mejia

Does anyone really know who Hattie Hoffman is? Hattie plays the roles she’s meant to—the good daughter, student and girlfriend—but she hides who she truly is from everyone around her. When Hattie is found murdered, the town is shocked to find out she was having a secret online relationship. As the investigation begins, people are left wondering what else is Hattie hiding?

Into the Black Nowhere by Meg Gardiner

Women in Southern Texas are starting to go missing. Every Saturday night, a different woman disappears—one from a movie theater, one from her car at a stoplight, and most recently, a woman taken from her own home. FBI agent Caitlin Hendrix begins to fear that a serial killer is roaming the streets. When bodies are found in the woods with Polaroid photos around them mimicking headstones, Caitlin finds the images of other women that have been killed, proving that not only has this killer murdered before, but they don’t plan on stopping.

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The Chestnut Man by Soren Sveistrup 

A serial killer is haunting Copenhagen, leaving behind a “chestnut man” with each victim. The small figurines are made of matchsticks and two chestnuts and have been found at each crime scene. When the police discover a fingerprinting from a young girl who was kidnapped and murdered a year ago on one of the figurines, they begin to wonder how the two cases could be connected, and must put together the pieces of the puzzle before another victim is found.

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