Women’s fiction author Rebecca Serle made her way into the hearts of readers everywhere in 2018 with her novel The Dinner List. Now, Rebecca returns with her latest tearjerker In Five Years, a novel about love, friendship and what would happen if you got a glimpse at your future self. When the She Reads team finished In Five Years (and a box of tissues), it was clear that we needed to know more about the novel and the author. Join us this March as we get to know our new Guest Editor, Rebecca Serle, and her tremendous work.

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What was the inspiration behind In Five Years?

I’m fascinated by the idea that the future influences the present. That instead of the things we do now determining the outcome of what will be, the possibility that we’re actually being drawn to make decisions because of a future that has already occurred. I write almost exclusively about the dialogue between fate and free will. How much is in our control, and how much is going to happen regardless of what we do? It’s a question I ask in my life and in my work over and over again. Oh, and there was a psychic prophecy involving my love life, but that’s kind of a long story…

Did you always know you wanted to write books? If not, what was it that pushed you to become a writer?

Yes, always. I was very lucky that I had supportive teachers who saw my interest in writing from a very young age and fostered it. I always felt comfortable around words, honestly. When you’re a kid there’s so much you don’t understand and so much that’s happening outside of your control, but I really understood the way words should appear on a page together, and it gave me a sense of power and purpose. I’m very lucky that I get to do this for a living.

Which authors do you admire most?

Ones who do the work and don’t complain too much about it. Stephen King, always. I admire anyone with that sort of discipline and wide view of a career. Just keep writing.

Order your copy of In Five Years by Rebecca Serle!

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