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If you’re craving a tropical vacation but can’t quite commit to travel plans, then we’ve got a list of books that will hold you over until you can book the trip. These ten titles have it all—sand, saltwater and sun, with a bit of drama mixed in. From romance to mystery and everything in between, these tropical vacation reads will keep you busy until you can schedule that flight.

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It All Began With A Note by H.M. Shander

Tess and Camille are the best of friends and do everything together, including taking a tropical vacation. One morning, Tess decides to head to the beach solo, but not before writing a note for her roomie telling her to meet up once she’s awake. However, a handsome stranger stumbles upon the note and decides to join Tess. The two immediately hit it off, and Tess tries to convince herself that it’s nothing more than a fun, flirty distraction. But the more time they spend together, the hotter things get. Tess begins to wonder if this romance could turn out to be the real thing and not just a fling.

Becca Dives In by Kate Breitfeller

After enduring a messy divorce, Becca finally feels like things are turning around. Her career is in a good place, and so is her love life. When her doting boyfriend invites her on a Caribbean cruise, she jumps at the chance for a much-needed vacation. But when bad weather forces them to stay at the same resort her ex-husband and his former mistress are marrying, she realizes that her good luck has just run out. The plot thickens when there’s a murder, and Becca ends up being part of the investigation. With so much at stake, all she wants is a life raft to float away from this shipwreck and sail back to simplicity.

Every Slow Song by Erica Lee

Kennedy and Skylar had the perfect marriage for a few years, but when things between the women started to cool off, Kennedy filed for divorce. Even though they’ve been apart for six months, Skylar still doesn’t have the heart to tell her parents. So when it came time for their annual family getaway at the beach, she asked Kennedy to join and pretend they were still a couple. She goes along with it, but as the vacation progresses, they realize that they don’t have to work very hard to pretend. Skylar and Kennedy start to wonder if this may be their second shot at true love as old feelings creep back up.

The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward

Even though Charlotte is seventy years old, that doesn’t stop her from writing a sexy essay for a jetsetter contest. When she wins, she is elated and sees it as a chance of a lifetime with her family to re-live their younger years. With so many tropical and exotic destinations on the agenda, this trip is truly a dream come true. However, ten days together is ample time for buried secrets to be resurrected and unhealed wounds to reopen. The four adults are forced to confront the past and find a way to forge ahead into a future without bringing home more baggage.

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Fields’ Guide to Abduction by Julie Mulhern

Poppy Fields is living the dream as a successful and sought-after influencer. As the daughter of a famous actress, she’s no stranger to being followed around; it’s just usually by pesky photographers. But when she’s stalked by a drug dealer on her Mexican vacation, she finds herself in a world of trouble. Kidnapped by the cartel, her life goes from glamorous to gritty in a matter of minutes, and suddenly her life feels like a bad scene from one of her mom’s movies. Trapped, scared, and alone, Poppy knows that her only chance for survival is to escape, or this might just be her last vacation ever.

Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn

When most people think about Montego Bay, Jamaica, they envision beautiful beaches and sunny days. For Margot, life growing up there was less of a dream and more of a nightmare, as she was taught to swap sexual favors to survive. Determined to shield her sister Thandi from the same fate, she seizes the opportunity to break free when plans for a new resort threaten to destroy their village. As the community starts to unravel, Margot realizes it’s time to be her true self and reveal that she is in love with another woman. As the knots untie, these females finally start to experience newfound freedoms.

Saint X by Alexis Schaitkin

When Claire was seven years old, her parents and eighteen-year-old sister went on a family vacation in the Caribbean. But this family trip takes a turn for the worst when Alison goes missing. When her body surfaces a few days later, two resort employees are arrested in connection with her death. With a spotty timeline and sparse evidence, the men are quickly released, and the story makes headlines worldwide. Years later, Claire has a random run-in with one of the men accused, and she knows this is her only chance to find out what really happened, even if it puts her own life in danger.

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The Vacation by T. M. Logan

When Kate and her three best friends escaped to the south of France with their families for a luxurious getaway, it felt like a dream come true. Nothing can beat spending warm summer days in the sun sipping wine with your besties, then spending cozy nights in the villa with your family. But that all changes when Kate finds a text on her husband’s phone, indicating that he’s having an affair with one of the women on the trip. Not sure where to turn, she starts to investigate, and when sinister secrets start to bubble up to the surface, she realizes that life as she knows it is about to change forever.

Vacation People by Cheri Ritz

Lauren was looking forward to a long-awaited trip to Hawaii with her partner, but now she’s flying solo following a messy break-up. After a lot of convincing from her mom, newly single Penny decides to meet Lauren for dinner, and before she knows it, she’s en route to the island. The two agree that this is a “just friends” girls’ trip and commit to getting to know each other on a platonic level. But as they spend more time together, sparks start to fly, and one thing leads to another. As they make another pact to keep an open relationship, they quickly realize that they may not be able to keep that commitment either.

The Layover by Lacie Walton

 Ava spent her last decade jetsetting around the world as a flight attendant, and the day has finally come for her to retire and move on to the next adventure. When she learns that Jack, a cocky – and gorgeous – former pilot is on the plane, she can’t believe that he has the audacity to flirt with her. Thankful she’ll never have to see him again, she starts to panic when the plane has mechanical problems, and their three-hour flight is now a weekend stay in Belize. Although Ava does her best to resist his charm, she can’t help but get swept away by the magic of the Caribbean, as well as Jack’s good looks.

Moti on the Water by Leylah Attar

Onboard a yacht to the Aegean coast for her cousin’s wedding, Moti Ferreira has her eyes set on the most eligible bachelor: the best man. On a two-week cruise with the wedding party, it seems she has plenty of time to win him over. She just needs to overcome her fear of water and hope her eccentric family doesn’t get in the way. But then, something Moti doesn’t plan for poses a threat to her perfect plan: despite herself, she’s starting to fall for someone else, the yacht’s chef Alexandros Veronis. Her mother would never approve of Alex. Now, Moti must choose between fulfilling family expectations and the desire’s of her own heart.

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