The #1 New York Times bestselling novel The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah is a book many will tell you is an absolute must-read. A novel about two sisters during World War II, it has stolen the hearts of readers across the globe. With a huge fan following and a reputation for being an intensely captivating novel, it was no surprise when it got optioned for film. As huge fans of Kristin Hannah, we cannot wait for the movie. In anticipation of the movie, we have dug up everything we currently know about this book-to-screen adaptation.

Casting for The Nightingale

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Dakota and Elle Fanning

With Mélanie Laurent signed on to direct the film, we knew there were big things to come when it came to casting. Much to our delight, it has officially been announced by The Wrap that both Dakota and Elle Fanning have signed on to play sisters on-screen for the first time ever. Elle and Mélanie Laurent have previously worked on the 2018 release Galveston and look forward to working together once again.

When asked about this new project, Dakota and Elle said,The Nightingale will be the first time we act on screen together. We have played the same character at different ages but have never spoken to each other in front of a camera. For years, we have looked for a film to do with one another and then this gem appeared. As sisters, to share our artistry with each other while bringing such a powerful sister story to life is a dream come true. We are so lucky to have our fearless director, Mélanie Laurent, to guide us along on the journey. Let’s do this, sister!!”


Mélanie Laurent

Actress, director and screenwriter Mélanie Laurent is officially on board to direct the film. Having previously been involved in blockbuster hits like Inglorious Bastards, she’s ready to tackle this project and bring Kristin Hannah’s brilliant story to life on the big screen.

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