When books and YouTube come together, you can bet on entertainment for days. Out of this concept, BookTube was born and we are living for it. These reviews give us insight, honesty, and humor while exposing viewers to a variety of reads. Listed below are just a few noteworthy vloggers that we think you should subscribe to for ramping up your 2021 reading list.

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Caleb Joseph

Caleb is a bit unconventional and we are here for it. Not only does he read the books, but sometimes he will even turn them into a craft project! Known for reading Young Adult and delivering some cringeworthy content, Caleb serves up a devilish dose of humor with his rant reviews.

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Read with Cindy

Proclaiming books over looks in her bio, Cindy dishes out quite the personality with her reviews. She’s strongly against consumerism and likes to get her books from the library. As hostess of the Asian Read-Athon, she offers something special and unique to her viewers. Clever and comedic, Cindy is one to watch!

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Booked with Jameelah

Twenty-four-year-old Jameelah is the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Headscarves,’ and she does a stellar job showcasing that in her videos. Even though she’s fairly new to the BookTube game, don’t sleep on her channel. She’s both smart and silly, so you’ll definitely want to check her out.

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Perpetual Pages

Adri is a Queer Trans Non-Binary Mexican-American book reviewer who has been reviewing since 2013. He believes in reading across all genres and subjects to cast a wider net of knowledge and to heighten his imagination. He truly offers something for everyone, and his upbeat personality will hook you right away.

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Stories For Coffee

Olivia is a 23-year-old Cuban-American recent college grad and all about the books. With one of her favorite quotes being “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss,” you can rest assured that she’s bringing her absolute best to BookTube. Offering more than just her take on the books, her videos are really well-done with excellent editing and a fun aesthetic.

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James Tullos

You can count on his channel to consist of quality, analytics, and dry humor. James mostly reviews fantasy and science fiction, so if that’s your thing, subscribe now! In addition, he’ll throw in some top ten lists, which you can trust will be just as entertaining as all of his other videos.

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The Book Basement

Sophia’s BookTube bio says she like books, inclusion, and affirmation – so do we. She has a way of analyzing stories that leave us shook! She takes time to critically think before she speaks and offers a fresh perspective to the viewer.

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Hailey in Bookland

Twenty-four-year-old Canadian Hailey LeBlanc will send you down the reading rabbit hole with her unique and honest reviews. Although she takes on primarily YA novels, she likes to review a variety of stories, especially those hidden gems. Hailey keeps it real and gives us all the good vibes.

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This Story Ain’t Over

Jananie is a 22-year-old, Sri Lankan Tamil Canadian, self-described book pusher and we are all about it. Her channel is cleverly named after her belief that your story ain’t over yet. She’s got bookish vlogs, insightful recommendations, and impeccable taste. Her channel is worth the watch.

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Connor O’Brien

Simply put, Connor is a nice guy. He not only talks about books he loves, but he promotes his fellow male BookTubers while he’s at it. Once in a while, his Siberian Husky named Nook will show up and that only makes us like him more! For funny and fresh content, and of course the best book recommendations, be sure and check out Connor’s channel.

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